Microsoft Adds Artificial Intelligence Features To Bing

Microsoft announces Reddit partnership new AI features for Bing

Microsoft is giving Bing more intelligence—and a dash of Reddit

Office 365, Cortana, and Bing will use AI to help users find more useful information and perform more complex tasks, a press release said. The reason I say "sadly", is because the search on, based on the information give to me today, is not based on Bing's new services and will still be as bad as it is today.

Bing Intelligent Search, which shows Reddit results for AMAs, questions, and communities. The problem is that the exodus away from Google never really happened, leaving Microsoft working hard to compete in the search market. It works by providing users with another skill that is linked to the Cortana action that you have prompted.

Microsoft has bunged a load of AI-powered features into its software - from Azure and Office 365 to Bing and Cortana.

Microsoft is also bragging that Bing now powers 1/3 of all PC search volume in the US.

Another new feature is "perspective engine" (pictured in main image) which will make sense of numbers or countries with similar comparisons, for example, the number of calories in an ice cream or the size of Afghanistan.

Cortana will be able to sort emails based on importance and summarize the most important ones, then provide an update during a commute.

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New hands-free, eyes-free capabilities were added to Cortana to help with email and calendar management as well as the new Skills Suggestion and Chaining capabilities, giving Cortana the ability to understand users' overall intent and offer the next most relevant skill. A result of the Healthcare NExT initiative, this project will supposedly empower Microsoft's healthcare partners in creating healthcare virtual assistants. The integration of Cortana into Cheetah Mobile Inc.'s CM Launcher will provide voice control features like making calls, searching the web and more. The preview will be opened up to Office insiders this month. Text in image search is now rolling out and will be available to all Office 365 commercial subscribers by the end of December.

Microsoft Word will also get a new feature called Acronyms. The company has chose to expand this set of AI-powered tools by bringing Cortana to the Outlook mobile app to help users better manage their schedules throughout the day.

"When it is time to leave for appointments, Outlook will now send a notification - with directions for both driving and public transit - taking into account current location, the event location, and real-time traffic information".

Outlook will notify you when it's time to leave for your next event.

Finally, Microsoft is expanding on the features it rolled out earlier this year for OneDrive and SharePoint that allows for the automatic detection of content within images and detect whiteboards, screenshots and receipts.

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