Emergency Room visits for flu highest among babies and toddlers in Virginia

Murrieta child dies of flu-related complications

Emergency Room visits for flu highest among babies and toddlers in Virginia

"This work adds to a growing global understanding of the burden of influenza and populations at highest risk", said Danielle Iuliano, a CDC researcher and the study's lead author.

"We're seeing a pretty steep increase in influenza activity across the United States but especially in the south", co-author Brendan Flannery, an epidemiologist in the CDC's flu division, told CNN. Although they might be bothersome, the New Jersey Department of Health reminds everyone to fight that flu and stay happy and healthy this season with an annual flu vaccination. The other two states seeing high influenza volumes are MS and Louisiana. The case rate for Georgetown County was 32 per 100,000, while Florence County had 31.

There are many common misconceptions with influenza and the flu shot circulating throughout the internet and social media. According to new estimates published by World Health Organization, up-to 650,000 people die of respiratory diseases each year, and not up to 500,000, as it was believed until now.

The nasal spray vaccine is not recommended this year.

The county reminds its residents there is no live virus in flu shots and the vaccine can not cause the flu.

People with flu can spread it to others up to about 6 feet away, the Centers for Disease Control reports.

That is good news, because H3N2 is included in this year's flu vaccine.

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For the cases of suspected meningitis, the GES said it was "awaiting the medical report from the Ghana Health Service, including their recommendations on the way forward, and will update the public accordingly upon receipt".

Have you gotten your flu shot yet?

"These findings remind us of the seriousness of flu and that flu prevention should really be a global priority", study co-author Joe Bresee, MD, associate director for global health in the CDC's Influenza Division said in the official press release.

Not everyone agrees that the flu shot is one of the best ways to protect families and prevent serious complications, including Dr. Erika Schwartz, an internist and founder of a medical practice in New York City that focuses on wellness and disease prevention. Burstein says the big concern isn't those who will get the flu and be miserable for a few days.

The CDC notes that the 10 percent figure is an Australian interim estimate of the vaccine's benefit against one flu virus - the H3N2 virus - that circulated in Australia during its most recent flu season.

Flu season is back, which means it's time to protect yourself and loved ones by getting a free flu shot.

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