Lions break out Rockettes celebration vs. Bears

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The NFL end-zone celebrations this season are often more entertaining than the touchdown that put them there.

Following a touchdown during Saturday's game against Chicago, multiple Lions players lined up shoulder to shoulder and busted out a ideal Rockettes-themed dance line.

Taking over at the Chicago 41-yard line, Detroit completed a nine-play scoring drive with an eight-yard pass to tight end Eric Ebron (who's become a reliable receiving threat ever since there was talk about the Lions getting rid of him at the National Football League trade deadline).

Jones' 58-yard catch led to a Lions touchdown three plays later when Stafford hit T.J. Jones with a three-yard touchdown pass.

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The Detroit Lions were the latest to get recognized for their creativity. Riddick there on the far right was never quite in sync with the rest of the line.

Go ahead and judge who kicks it better - the Lions or the real Rockettes.

Not sure if this group is going to be doing celebrity appearances with the actual Rockettes, but you have to admire the effort.

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