Teen's Celebration After Being Accepted To Harvard

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This 16-Year-Old Got Into Harvard and OMG, We've Never Been Happier For a Total Stranger

A 16-year-old from Opelousas had the best reaction to making it into Harvard and it quickly went viral.

"This is legit!", the basketball star wrote.

Ayton is seen nervously checking his application status online, before jumping for joy when he discovers he has been accepted into the Ivy League institution. The entire room burst with purest form of excitement.

Ever since Little revealed his admission to Harvard on social media, he has been getting wishes from everywhere.

A video of a Louisiana 16-year-old and his classmates exploding with joy after finding out about his acceptance to Harvard University has gone viral. After reading his acceptance letter, he thought that his "life had been changed forever". His brother previously got accepted to Stanford, another world-leading university. My oldest son got into Stanford on Friday and we have been waiting for a response from Harvard, and I just can't believe it. "I honestly don't know when the excitement will die down at this point".

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Little said he plans to study math and computer science.

He said he hopes to 'find a job on Wall Street with the intention of opening a nonprofit to help children from my community get to the position that I'm now in'.

The footage showed Little sitting in front of a laptop wearing a Harvard hoodie.

The video, posted on Youtube on Wednesday (Dec. 13), had hit 151,000 views as of Thursday morning.

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