Putin praises Trump's 'serious' economic feats, blasts Russian Federation probe as a 'delirium'

Trump has threatened to wipe North Korea off the map

GETTY WARNING Trump has threatened to wipe North Korea off the map

While the two discussed other issues, "the primary point was to talk about North Korea, because we would love to have his help on North Korea", said Trump, who the Kremlin said initiated the phone call.

He emphasised that Russian Federation opposes Pyongyang's nuclear bid, but added the United States had "provoked" Pyongyang into developing its nuclear and missile programs by spiking a 2005 deal under which North Korea agreed to halt them. No, they have another military exercise, and North Korea responded by launching another missile.

The two presidents discussed ways to work together to address North Korea's nuclear and ballistic weapons program, with Mr Putin warning the United States against using force against the rogue nation.

During a call between the two men after the Russian president's press conference, Trump not only discussed strategy on North Korea, but reportedly took the opportunity to thank Putin for "acknowledging America's strong economic performance".

Trump's North Korea strategy to trigger starvation? "China is helping. Russian Federation is not helping".

Tillerson later in remarks to the United Nations Security Council in NY said the United States is calling on Russian Federation and China to go beyond sanctions already imposed by the council and cut off all oil shipments as well as end guest worker programs for thousands of North Korean workers. North Korea also started as a Soviet satellite state, so its ties with Russian Federation run deep.

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Both sides should stop escalating the situation, so we heard from the USA that they would stop military drills [with South Korea].

"The people who do this are dealing a blow to the state of (US) domestic politics", he said. "Acute issues of bilateral relations, as well as the situation in crisis hotspots worldwide were discussed, with an emphasis placed on settling the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue", the press service said in a statement.

North Korea's murderous leader has refused to end his country's nuclear weapons program.

U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis disputed that claim on December 15, however, saying that North Korea "has not yet shown to be a capable threat against us" despite the technological advances demonstrated by its recent intercontinental ballistic missile tests.

"If the North Koreans conduct an additional test of a nuclear bomb - their seventh - I would say 70 per cent".

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