Apple plans to unify iPhone, iPad, Mac apps for one user experience

Apple may let the same app work on across iOS and Macs

iOS Apps Will Work on macOS in 2018, According to a New Report

Apple's idea behind merging iOS and Mac apps is nearly exactly like Microsoft's Universal Windows Platform which allows developers to build a single app that can adapt across computers, laptops, tablets, phones, game consoles, AR headsets, headless hardware, and more. "It's the difference between a rich, modern Mac-app ecosystem, or a lot of potential Mac apps not existing at all or being relegated to shitty web/Electron apps".

Bloomberg says, "The secret project, codenamed, 'Marzipan, ' is one of the tentpole additions for next year's Apple software road map". The goal of the project is to make it possible for iOS developers to easily bring their apps to macOS. The company merges mobile and desktop apps with its Universal Windows Platform.

Apple's reported plans are reminiscent of Microsoft's efforts with the Universal Windows Platform. Any other console or device which has "Cuphead" should be considered illegitimate due to the nature of the developers' deal with Microsoft.

Despite the wealth of software available for Macs, Apple's desktop app store largely feels abandoned, as numerous important apps you might actually want are more readily obtained directly from the developer. It's unclear, however, whether Apple wants to combine its app marketplaces or keep them separate.

The report notes that plans could always change, but it sounds like the combined apps could become available next year.

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Apple could be looking to bring its desktop and mobile software much closer together. But beginning in 2018, developers will be able to create a single app that works equally well on any device, according to Bloomberg.

According to insider sources, the same app will be able to respond to a mouse, a touch pad or a touch screen, depending on the device it's being run on.

Quite frankly, this is something that has been tried and tested by Google.

Marzipan may be more like Rosetta, the platform Apple includes with earlier versions of macOS so users could still run macOS 9 applications.

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