Google celebrates the winter solstice with new Doodle

5,000yo Irish tomb’s winter solstice magic to be livestreamed

A reveller celebrates winter solstice at the 5000 year old stone age tomb of Newgrange in the Boyne Valley

That is because at the solstice, Earth's tilt means that the "terminator" - the line dividing day and night that can be seen in pictures taken from space - crosses the country diagonally. In the US and other parts of the hemisphere, the winter solstice also signifies the first official day of winter. The 21st is the shortest day of the year with only 9 hours, 12 minutes and 52 seconds of daylight.

Summer is coming. For the past six years, the Twitter account Here Comes the Sun has tracked the growing daylight from the winter solstice up to the spring equinox. It marks the exact moment when the Northern Hemisphere is tilted at its furthest point away from the sun. All in all, the idea of the winter solstice is pretty depressing, especially because there are still three solid months of winter left. "The effect of this in the Arctic (within 23.5 degrees of the North Pole) is completely in darkness as Earth spins that day".

This is because the tilt of the Earth's axis is least aligned with the sun, providing us with the least daylight of the year.

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Clicking the Google Doodle takes users to a search page for "Winter Solstice 2017", which offers new articles, tweets and other search results on the Winter Solstice.

Additionally, winter's shortest day is typically not the coldest day of the year. After the solstice, the days slowly start to get longer again. This will give us our longest day. If you're farther north, your earliest sunsets are around December 7.

But many are still celebrating the ancient event that has been a tradition in cultures throughout history including Rome and Scandinavia, according to BBC. Sunrise was at 8.03am GMT and sunset is at 3.53pm.

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