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Rahul Gandhi to chair first CWC meet as Congress chief today

2G Verdict Is Vindication, Says Rahul Gandhi, Targeting PM Over "Lies"

If the BJP were to start a film franchise it would be called "Lie Hard", Congress President Rahul Gandhi said on Saturday, tweaking the name of popular American action series "Die Hard" - in a dig at the ruling party, a day after he described its foundation as based on an "architecture of lies".

The Congress will analyse in detail why it failed to dislodge the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which has ruled Gujarat for 22 long years, and the road ahead. Mr. Maken said the BJP and their allies had "whipped up the 2G case to defame the Congress" but the court verdict has "bared the lies" of the BJP. "And, every two months automatically, the working committee meets so that we can hear what you want to say and what the nation is feeling", he told the CWC members.

The BJP on Saturday accused Congress chief Rahul Gandhi of indulging in cheap barbs and lowering political discourse in his bid to gain power.

Surjewala said former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh also referred to the challenges and the need to for the party to fulfill its responsibilities.

"I came to know there (in Gujarat) that people actually do not accept Modiji's model".

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The Congress got its highest number of seats in Gujarat assembly polls in the last 27 years but party lost power in Himachal Pradesh. "The party will vigrously carry forward its legacy of struggle", he said. "At every step, they were trying to polarise". BJP, particularly Mr Narendra Modi, Mr Arun Jaitley and their stooge, Vinod Rai created a "fallacious web of allegations of corruption".

"One thing which very clearly emerges that there was a conspiracy whereby an architecture of untruth and entire campaign of insinuations and calumny was systematically built in order to tarnish the image of the then UPA government", he told reporters.

He further said that the manner in which Congress campaigned for Gujarat has made the country think that they were not campaigning for elections but were on a temple run.

It was among the major corruption scandals that came to light during the second term of the UPA government headed by former prime minister Manmohan Singh.

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