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Florida State reached six wins this season by winning its last three games, including one against Louisiana-Monroe that was rescheduled for December 2 after being indefinitely postponed due to Hurricane Irma.

The folks over at Reddit College Football put together quite the story and investigation into the number of scholarships that FCS foe Delaware State, who the Seminoles beat 77-6 on November 18th, to see if it met NCAA rules. As this is less than 90%, Florida State can not count the Delaware State game through Exception

Under that scenario - and if the information is accurate - FSU's win over Delaware State should not have counted towards the Seminoles' bowl eligibility. Bakonydraco contacted Delaware State to receive scholarship data, and calculated that the school offered less than 90 percent of the FCS scholarship limit - a requirement for Florida State's win to count toward bowl eligibility. Now what is being called a "monumental error" has resulted in Florida State having a bowl bid while Buffalo, Western Michigan and UTSA - all bowl eligible - are spending the holidays at home.

FCS schools are required to award at least 90 percent of the scholarships they are allowed to hand out. FSU's bowl streak would not reach 36.

The NCAA has an option to extend a waiver to Florida State due to extenuating circumstances, if any action is to be taken at all. He further notes that most schools do not face this issue among their six bowl-eligible wins because it is usually as simple as "someone in compliance making a phone call".

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College football insider Brett McMurphy tweeted Thursday evening, "This should have been caught at 3 levels: FSU, ACC & NCAA", a source said.

Only athletic scholarships being factored into the math would explain how Florida State allegedly didn't hit the necessary 90 percent.

Florida State is scheduled to arrive in Shreveport on Saturday afternoon to begin preparations for Wednesday's Walk-On's Independence Bowl.

"It's a matter between the NCAA, Florida State and Delaware State".

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