Google might set up Pixel 2 retail stores in India


Google planning to open brick and mortar stores to improve the sales of its Pixel smartphones: Report

The reason is fairly simple, to ramp up sales of its Pixel smartphones.

According to a report, Google India is planning to open more brick-and-mortar stores in the country to expand their offline sales and business growth. The Pixel range offers the best of software and hardware right from the house of Google, but it hasn't been able to keep up the pace when compared to Apple or Samsung in terms of sales. But unlike the other two, Google's Pixel 2 series smartphones aren't that easy to find.

Now the company only sells the Pixel smartphones online and has a minor share in the smartphone market. In the past, Google has relied on the Play Store online and third-party retailers to move units.

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The launch of brick and mortar stores in India could follow a dozen popup stores Google opened in recent weeks that include a dark room where the second-generation Pixel's lowlight camera capability is shown. Post the launch of the Pixel 2 / 2 XL in India, we had already seen a lot of pop-up stores at various malls which let people experience these phones first-hand. The positive response from these pop-up stores is being cited as one of the main motivating factors to open permanent stores.

At least two prominent malls in India said they have received requests for space to set up Google stores. Apple's seeking a single-brand license to open its own stores in India, and Google might do the same. One executive at a mall claims that the pop-ups have imparted on Google how retail is "important because you can't explain numerous features online".

While Google hasn't confirmed the reports, setting up retail in India could help the company compete with Apple and Samsung, as well as Chinese-made phones from XIaomi, Vivo and Oppo, notes The Economic Times. They had some outlets in the country in collaboration with Spice Connect, but they shut them soon very quickly.

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