Tokyo-bound flight turns back after four hours due to ''unauthorised person''

Jemal Countess  Getty Images

Jemal Countess Getty Images

The pair were travelling to Tokyo from Los Angeles when their flight was ordered to turn back after four hours of travelling.

The typical duration of a flight from Los Angeles to Tokyo is 11 hours and 28 minutes. As part of the airline's security procedure, the pilot in command chose to return to the originating airport, where the passenger was disembarked.

Chrissy Teigen live tweeted from aboard a nightmare 8-hour flight after a freaky passenger mishap forced the plane to abruptly make a U-turn while on its way to Japan, ABC News reported.

Teigen, who is often critical of President TrumpDonald John TrumpHouse Democrat slams Donald Trump Jr. for "serious case of amnesia" after testimony Skier Lindsey Vonn: I don't want to represent Trump at Olympics Poll: 4 in 10 Republicans think senior Trump advisers had improper dealings with Russia MORE, live-tweeted the whole experience, calling it a "flight to nowhere" and chronicling the information she had.

The Tokyo-bound flight, NH175, was interrupted on behalf of a single mixed-up passenger, who had boarded the incorrect flight.

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In an apology to inconvenienced passengers, the airline says it takes pride in customer service and failed on this flight.

"Lmao after all this I will have spent 8 hours on a flight to nowhere". The 32-year-old beauty claimed the person did not have the right boarding pass to be on the plane, and demanded to know more from the police after she said she witnessed fellow passengers being questioned over the "mystery person". "We are on ANA", she wrote. "150 people have been majorly inconvenienced, please, just tell me", she tweeted.

It may seem outrageous, but it is surprisingly common for planes to return to their point of origin midway through a flight, analysts said.

"So basically the boarding pass scanner is just a beedoop machine that makes beedoop noises that register to nowhere", she posted. The total time for the flight to take off and return was just over eight hours.

The Police Department said it was alerted and units were requested to stand by at the gate.

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