USA missions in Turkey set to resume full visa services

US announces full resumption of visa services in Turkey

US Resumes Visa Services in Turkey, Easing Diplomatic Strains

Turkey responded in kind Thursday, announcing an end to restrictions on visa issuances to USA citizens.

Turkish stocks and country-specific ETF strengthened Thursday after the US and Turkey lifted all visa restrictions, ending months-long dispute over diplomatic duties.

"Within the framework of the principle of reciprocity, the restrictions placed from our side on the visa regime for U.S. citizens are being lifted simultaneously", it said in a statement.

However, it said Turkey had given no assurances to the U.S. about cases being processed by Turkish courts, and that it also had ongoing concerns about Turkish nationals undergoing court cases in the US.

United States missions in Turkey are to resume full visa services following security assurances from Turkey's government on United States consular staff.

The move comes two months after the US suspended most visa services to Turkish citizens after one of its consulate employees was arrested.

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"Based on adherence to these assurances, the Department of State is confident that the security posture has improved sufficiently to allow for the full resumption of visa services in Turkey".

Turkey faults the US for refusing to hand over Turkish cleric Fethullah Gulen, a Pennsylvania resident who Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan blames for a July 2016 coup attempt.

But a statement issued by Turkey denies giving the U.S. any such assurances.

Ankara responded with an identical statement, imposing tit-for-tat travel restrictions, by issuing a statement through its embassy in Washington, saying, "Recent events have forced Turkish Government to reassess the commitment of the Government of the United States to the security of Turkish Mission facilities and personnel".

The embassy said Turkish authorities gave assurances that they will detain no local staff employed by USA missions for performing their official duties.

"Regarding the assurances expressed in the USA statement, we would like to emphasise that Turkey is a state of law, and that our government has not provided any assurances concerning the ongoing judicial processes", the Turkish embassy's statement read.

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