Woman Arrested After Reportedly Destroying $300K In Artwork On First Date

Lindy Lou Layman

Lindy Lou Layman

According to details that came out in court, Layman and Buzbee were on a date Saturday when she became heavily intoxicated and they returned to his home.

A couple's date reportedly ended on a disastrous note after a 29-year-old woman was arrested for destroying $300,000 worth of artwork inside the home of a well-known Houston attorney.

That is the point at which she supposedly poured red wine on his depictions and scammed them the divider, at that point tossed his models on the ground. She was granted $30,000 bond.

Natalie Ware, a Harris County assistant public defender who is representing Layman, did not immediately return a call for comment.

Per the information read in court, Layman was aggressive toward the second Uber driver, walked back into Buzbee's home and shouted, "I'm not leaving".

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Buzbee trusted she was excessively inebriated and called a Uber driver to lift her up.

The suspect allegedly tore down two original Andy Warhol paintings each worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, the news station reported.

A Texas woman has been charged with criminal mischief after reportedly going on a drunken rampage during a first date. "It's not the first time I've had guests at a party of mine over imbibe. Luckily those weren't damaged", Buzbee added.

Layman said at her probable cause hearing that she has been a court reporter for nine years, KHOU reported. "She also pulled a Renoir and a Monet off the wall".

A Texas lawyer who once bought a World War II tank for $600,000 and parked it in front of his Houston mansion may need it to defend his artwork.

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