A Game of Chicken With Pakistan

039;A ruler surrendered in a single phone call our country we went through the worst bloodbath,' said Asif about the military dictator Musharraf

Pakistan Says 16 Years of US Failure in Afghanistan Explains Latest Trump Outburst

The United States announced Thursday it was suspending security assistance to Pakistan for failing to take "decisive action" against Taliban militants targeting USA personnel in neighbouring Afghanistan.

The White House said last week the United States will not be paying Pakistan $255 million in foreign military assistance from a package set aside for the one-time ally for 2016 -- it had been held back earlier in 2017 and then cleared -- before it was finally withheld.

Haley's statement followed an angry tweet from Trump on Monday that the United States had been rewarded with "nothing but lies and deceit" for giving Pakistan billions in aid.

Aamir Ghautri, a veteran editor of Pakistan's influential daily The News told Xinhua that Trump's remarks about Pakistan showed his complete disregard of ground facts.

Nikki Haley, the USA ambassador to the United Nations, confirmed that the US made a decision to deprive Islamabad of American taxpayer-funded assistance, accusing Pakistan of playing a "double game" with America. "We wish to move forward through cooperative engagement but will not compromise on self-respect and dignity". He noted that Pakistan and the U.S. were still allies, and the relationship between the two countries had gone through ups and downs.

In the last four years, Asif said, we have been forced to deal with the mess left behind in Afghanistan for so many decades.

But a sizable portion of the payments under CSF are tied to Pakistan's actions against terrorism - specifically the Haqqani Network, an Afghan Taliban affiliate - that must be certified by the administration for congress to clear the bill.

The frequency of suspected US drone attacks near the Pakistani-Afghan border has increased notably since Trump introduced his Afghanistan strategy in August. "And they need to better-to earn, essentially, the money that we have provided in the past in foreign military assistance, they need to show that they are honest in their efforts to crack down on terrorists", she said. "They work with us at times, and they also harbour the terrorists that attack our troops in Afghanistan, Pakistan", she said in NY.

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"That will have to change and that will change immediately". Frankly, Trump could drive Pakistan away from its warm Cold War friendship with America, towards full service to the Chinese.

Army spokesman Maj. Gen. Asif Ghafoor told local Geo TV Wednesday that the country would like to continue working with the US but will not "compromise on national interests and prestige". "Even if it comes..."

"As neighbours linked by rivers and mountains and shared common interests and cultural origins, it's natural and necessary for China, Afghan and Pakistan to conduct cooperation".

The committee made it loud and clear that Pakistan was firmly supporting the US -led worldwide anti-terrorism effort in Afghanistan and, as a result of Pakistan's counter-terrorism cooperation, Al-Qaida had been decimated from the region.

Sources told Hindustan Times that the cuts are likely to be in the nature of "suspension" and the amount could be foreign military financing (FMF), a security-related assistance, same as the $255 million the White House said past week it will not be processing for Pakistan.

On Tuesday evening, Trump tweeted again about Pakistan, but also lashed out similarly at Palestinians, saying: "It's not only Pakistan that we pay billions of dollars to for nothing, but also many other countries, and others".

Thousands of US and its coalition forces in Afghanistan depend mostly on ground and air routes through Pakistan for supplies of ammunition and goods. Pakistan's security forces have carried out the largest counter terrorism operation in the world, she added.

"For too long Pakistan has provided safe haven to the Taliban and many terrorist organisations, but those days are over. The U.S. still needs these facilities and Pakistan can stop it".

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