Dragons and Fantastic Beasts Await In Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter: World trailer introduces the Elder Dragons

Dragons and Fantastic Beasts Await In Monster Hunter

Unfortunately, this beta is going to be limited to PlayStation 4 players, which has been something of a running theme through Monster Hunter: World's testing history.

The steel dragon Kushala Daora is a beast with a body covered in metal plates and has the power to keep hunters at bay by generating wind storms around itself. In addition to the previously released Great Jagras, Anjanath and Barroth quests, players will now be able to battle against the game's terrifying and challenging flagship monster Nergigante.

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There's also a final beta before release, which Monster Hunter fans on PlayStation 4 will be able to take part in from January 19 to 22. Dodogama will be making its first appearance in World, and is a rock-eating dragon that can cause said rocks to become explosive with its saliva.

In addition to this, the first DLC was revealed in the form of a new monster to face, namely the Deviljho. The release of the project on the consoles will be in a few weeks, besides, not the fact that the Studio really Capcom to release the game on PC in the fall, because while the terms are only indicative. The Deviljho, who was introduced in Monster Hunter 3 will make its comeback in "Spring 2018", but many more are said to be on their way according to Capcom. The PC release, as we learned just a couple of days ago, is not due until autumn this year. "There are plans for post-launch support of MHW with regular content updates, as well as major title updates for free". He's big game in every sense of the word, and should serve to get Monster Hunter fans suitably hyped in the lead up to launch.

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