Natural disaster rocks San Francisco Bay Area but no major damage reported

4.4 magnitude earthquake in Berkeley rattles Bay Area residents

Natural disaster rocks San Francisco Bay Area but no major damage reported

A 4.5 magnitude natural disaster with an epicenter east of Berkeley shook the San Francisco bay area at 2:39 a.m. early Thursday morning.

A magnitude-4.4 natural disaster rattled northern Californians awake early on Thursday (Thursday night NZ Time) as fire alarms sounded throughout the San Francisco Bay area and picture frames fell from walls and bookshelves.

"The real question is: is this a foreshock to something larger?" It wouldn't be a big surprise if we had a big quake on the Hayward Fault.

The quake appears to have happened on the Hayward Fault which is becoming due for a large natural disaster.

The USGS's Keith Knudsen told KRON that there's a five to 10 per cent chance that a bigger quake is on the way. "We know from geologic excavations on this fault that big quakes happen every 150 years". The last big quake on the Hayward fault happened about 150 years ago, in 1868. The last big natural disaster occurred in 1868 so we are about at the 150-year anniversary ... Early delays in train service were cleared up by 5:30 a.m., the agency said.

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He told the Chronicle that by 4:15 a.m., there had been no aftershocks, which he called "a good sign".

It was considered the "Great Earthquake" until 1906, when San Francisco was hit by its last major quake, which killed 700 people. "I thought my wall of bookcases would fall down". "It just rocked the room and bed like two or three times quickly with a decently loud rumble in North Berkeley", Dale Fest wrote on the San Francisco Chronicle's Facebook page.

Pamela Jones posted: "Felt stronger than 4.5, in Concord". Moving further south along the Hayward fault, Brocher said, you can see the impact of the law as buildings aren't built directly on it.

"Yes in Campbell was a quick jolt and rocking", DeFayette posted.

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