Francis Lawrence's Red Sparrow Starring Jennifer Lawrence Gets New Trailer and Poster

Red Sparrow

'Red Sparrow' Trailer: Jennifer Lawrence Becomes a Master of Deception

20th Century Fox released the first poster image today for the upcoming film, Red Sparrow, starring Jennifer Lawrence. Dominika goes through a sadistic training process and turns out to be the most risky Sparrow in the history of the program.

Red Sparrow is released in United Kingdom cinemas on 2nd March 2018.

Jennifer Lawrence must have liked working with director Francis Lawrence on the last three Hunger Games movies, because they quickly reunited for another movie based on a bestselling book, this one being Jason Matthews' 2013 spy novel Red Sparrow.

"When we finish with you, the person you were will no longer exist", Dominika is told as she struggles to endure the pain of each specially trained exercise.

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Red Sparrow stars Lawrence as well as Charlotte Rampling, Joel Edgerton, Mary Louise-Parker, and Jeremy Irons.

We've already written about how Red Sparrow basically seems like the Black Widow movie Marvel should have given us long ago, but still hasn't. She also begins a relationship with a Central Intelligence Agency agent played by Joel Edgerton, who tries to convince her to become a double agent. "They tend to be much more political, or tend to be much more, kind of, plot-driven, and less personal and personal dilemma driven. And that's what this story is". Powerful people recruit her and force her to undergo rigorous training. Once a master of deception, however, she finds her allegiances torn between her cruel Soviet overlords and an American whom she's tasked with handling - and with whom she falls into a relationship. Gradually, she comes to question the very nature of what her handlers have taught her about the world. Audiences responded to Lawrence's Katniss Everdeen in Hunger Games because she was a plucky survivor who ultimately became a hero in a larger sense.

Red Sparrow is on fleek!

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