Chris Murphy Asks for Campaign Cash After Arpaio Announcement

Tactics events that defined Joe Arpaio's career as sheriff

Chris Murphy Asks for Campaign Cash After Arpaio Announcement

"I have a lot to offer", Arpaio, 85, told The Washington Examiner. Jeff Flake, whose seat Arpaio is running for in light of Flake's retirement announcement.

The former sheriff's ambitions also sparked speculation that he could edge out a former state senator, Kelli Ward, in the GOP primary and could potentially create an opening for Republican Rep. Martha McSally, who colleagues have said is planning a Senate run but has not yet made an announcement.

After the Maricopa County sheriff's office detained a Latino man with a valid visa for nine hours in 2007, a class-action lawsuit led to an injunction requiring Mr. Arpaio's office to end its immigration-related stops. But I would not be doing this if I thought that I could not win.

Eight months later, Arpaio was convicted of criminal contempt for having ignored a judge's order to stop detaining immigrants simply because he suspected that they lacked legal status.

"I'm not going to get into my personal life, but I will say we have four grandkids and some have a different ethnic and racial background".

Flake has sparred with Trump over free trade, immigration reform and opening relations with Cuba, even while supporting parts of the president's agenda, like recent tax cuts.

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Opposing Arpaio has long energized Arizona Democrats, and his presence in the race - and pardon by Trump - will be a fundraising tool for state and national Democrats. I don't use my grandkids. "They'll have their political firing squads and bring tons of money here because they don't want to lose", Arpaio said. "People may say I'm insane".

The U.S. Department of Justice said in a 2011 report that Arpaio had nurtured a culture in his office of racially discriminating against Latinos in breach of the U.S Constitution, a charge Arpaio denied.

In an interview with the Washington Examiner, Arpaio attempted to whitewash his history of mistreating immigrants by claiming he has a "soft spot" for the Mexican community.

While major media outlets tend to portray Arpaio as a "fiery" political figure known for his "hardline views" on immigration, his record is far more insidious than these descriptions indicate, as Nathan Robinson of Current Affairs makes clear in a detailed examination of the former sheriff's record published shortly after Arpaio was pardoned by Trump. "You have to do it", he said. Trump told Fox News prior to the pardon that Arpaio was "a great American patriot and I hate to see what has happened to him".

"When they come to your attention that they're here illegally, these young people, deport them back to Mexico-or whatever-and then try to put them on a fast track to come back into the United States legally with special permits". I'm proud my father, my mother came over, proud of it.

His candidacy added a twist to the hopes of the Democratic Party in one of only two Republican-held Senate seats Democrats see as possible to flip in November's midterm elections.

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