Google buys United Kingdom start-up Redux

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According to Bloomberg, the global tech firm quietly acquired the Cambridge-based startup, whose proprietary technology creates surfaces which transform phone displays into speakers.

The acquisition is reflected on Crunchbase, and in confirmed transfer of shares within United Kingdom regulatory filings.

The Cambridge-based startup, named Redux, developed technology that eliminates the need for speakers in mobile phones, thus freeing up space for other components.

Google did not immediately respond to a Fortune request for comment and clarification about the apparent acquisition. Google has made no mention of the acquisition as of yet. However, it is believed the deal went through in August. Just recently Wired wrote about how companies might use audio to transfer data, which may be part of Google's plan for Redux.

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Redux's said in 2017 that its patented bending wave techniques could allow it to turn a smartphone screen into a high-quality speaker. The sound quality is said to be "decent". The startup was backed by Arie Capital. According to its LinkedIn page, Redux has been 78 granted patents, over 50 pending patent applications, and global engagement with leaders in multiple vertical markets, our vision is to bring the next generation of user experience to every consumer.

So far, Redux has only been able to use its technologies inside PCs and some vehicle infotainment systems - but that could be about to change. This technology could be used for the next generation of Pixel handsets. Maybe the Pixel 3 will feature a new haptic system.

United Kingdom tech startup Redux has been acquired by technology giant Google.

One of the more recent purchases by Alphabet was obtaining HTC in 2017, for over $1 billion ($750 million).

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