What Are The Side Effects Of Flu Shot 2017/2018?

   DEADLY The flu pandemic could kill up to 750,000 people in Britain

GETTY DEADLY The flu pandemic could kill up to 750,000 people in Britain

Forty-one thousand cases of flu have been confirmed in the United States as of the week of December 27. The number of cases has spiked over the last two weeks. "They really should take the flu shot", said Goldberg.

Eat healthy and avoid large amounts of sugar: As I stated in previous articles, sugar can decrease your body's natural defenses and leave you more susceptible to infection. CDC recommends staying home for at least 24 hours after the fever is gone except to get medical care or for other necessities.

Any strain of flu, including Aussie flu, can be risky for people who are vulnerable to it, such as the elderly.

Even the flu-related deaths can be undercounted because they are not always attributed as such.

National experts in infectious diseases say there is still a lot of flu season to come in Canada, and the tough influenza-A strain, H-3-N-2, is the cause of most of the 11,000-plus cases reported in Canada. The flu is a serious disease that is more severe for pregnant women and can lead to hospitalization or death according to SC DHEC. "It's the worst strain".

These viruses are easily spread between groups of individuals when people congregate. "Compared with this time a year ago, the county has seen about 50% more flu cases reported and 64% more hospitalizations".

No one in Kern County had died of the flu through January 4, but three were hospitalized, Kern County Public Health Director Matt Constantine said at a morning press conference addressing the local impact of influenza. The strain is included in this year's flu vaccine. She said that manufacturers hadn't stocked up in time. "We know we're getting somewhere within the peak, but we don't know how much longer it will last".

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"We have not seen an increase in flu activity this early in the winter in the past five years", said Department of Health Secretary Lynn Gallagher.

Baber said people should not be swayed against getting a shot based on a common misconception floated worldwide. Find out what's changed and if we're still at risk for a deadly pandemic. Vaccine effectiveness does vary for the different strains each year.

"Most people who are well should be able to get over it themselves by taking something like ibuprofen", Dr McGarry explained to the Leader last week.

According to the North Carolina Department of Health, 20 people have died from flu-related causes since the season began October 1, 2017.

Your best shot? Get the shot, she said.

"Flu symptoms are things like shivers or chills, aches and pains - you're flattened with it".

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