India considers maintaining defense deal worth $500M with Israel

On arrival both the leaders Modi and Netanyahu are expected to reach Sabarmati Ashram in a 8-km-long roadshow from Ahmedabad airport similar to one held by Prime Minister Modi and his Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe in September last year. Reuters fil

India says $500 million missile deal with Israel will move ahead

Israel on Friday said that any problems in the earlier-proposed Spike anti-tank missile deal with India can be solved, thereby indicating that the deal may still be alive. Just a week ago, India had cancelled the deal with the Israeli Rafael Advance Defence Systems Ltd, after the company refused full transfer of technology as per the provisions of the "Make in India" initiative.

South Carolina's governor urged his state's Senate on Wednesday to pass legislation created to counter campus antisemitism in time for. Meanwhile, Israel on Friday also indicated it was disappointed with the recent move of the Indian Government to vote in favour of a United Nations resolution opposing the decision of the USA to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's Capital but said ties were too strong to be affected by one decision.

With Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arriving here on Sunday on a six-day visit, the defence deal to supply $500 million Spike anti-tank guided missiles is back on the table. India is Israel's largest weapons market, and according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, the Jewish state sold $599 million worth of arms to India in 2016.

In April last year the two countries signed a military deal worth almost $2 billion which includes the supply over several years of medium-range surface-to-air missiles, launchers and communications technology.

In addition to the Bollywood event, January 18 sees Netanyahu hosting a business seminar then attending a memorial ceremony for Jewish victims of the 2008 Mumbai attacks.

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"I don't think it can influence the relationship". In an unusual gesture, PM Modi will accompany him to Raisina but won't speak at the government's flagship think-tank event, leaving centre stage to Netanyahu.

"The Prime Minister's visit to India is the grand finale to the celebrations of 25 years of Growing Partnership between India and Israel", Israel's envoy to India, Ambassador Daniel Carmon said. He said the tremendous strengthening of ties on all fronts would in due course "will see a reflection of that more often in the voting of India in worldwide forums".

Both India and Israel are eager to expand bilateral trade, from the present annual value of $4bn to $10bn by 2022.

Mr Modi also took the unusual step of not visiting Palestine during his trip - a side visit that has otherwise become the norm for leaders going to Israel. It was reported from Jerusalem that this relates to sharing of knowledge in the field of homoeopathy and ayurveda that have been gaining popularity in Israel over the last few years. Hence, there is no way India can countenance Israel's unilateral actions in the occupied territories without seriously compromising its own claims.

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