Google Arts & Culture App Picks Country Stars' Portrait Doubles

Source Google Arts & Culture

Source Google Arts & Culture

Though the feature is officially restricted to United States only for now, that hasn't stopped people from other countries for accessing the Google Arts & Culture app's latest feature and posting their own "selfie doppelganger". Additionally, the Google Arts & Culture app will reveal the name of the selected portraits along with the museum it belongs to.

Using the Google app to find a doppelganger is easy, and requires just a few steps.

The app is now available throughout the USA except for the states of IL and Texas. Why leave up it to a creepy and invasive Silicon Valley algorithm to find your fine art twin when you can stop by the Art Institute or other local art museums and galleries and document it the old-fashioned way? The app uses computer vision to compare each submitted selfie to its massive database of artwork to find the ideal match.

In another example of the development of Google's image recognition, a feature was added to Photos in October that lets users sort pictures of their pets, even differentiating between dog breeds. If you are wondering how those users got access to that feature, we are here to help.

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The feature appears in the Google Arts & Culture app. Once it's installed, fire it up and scroll down until you see "Is your portrait in a museum?"

Are you more of a Botticelli or a Van Gogh?

There's one huge, glaring problem with the update: The selfie feature works everywhere in the United States except for Texas and IL. There are also some app permissions users will need to allow, like access to camera, location and storage. Arguably, the app should match all users with art depicting Narcissus staring into his own reflection, but hey, it looks fun. Once the posts started spreading on social media, it sparked a frenzy of users who wanted to know if there was a work of art out there that they resembled. Once done, it will display the four best matched options to choose from.

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