Google building three underwater cables to expand Cloud, compete with Amazon

Google building three underwater cables to expand Cloud, compete with Amazon

Google building three underwater cables to expand Cloud, compete with Amazon

Google now has direct ownership in as many as eight other undersea cables linking its various data centers around the world.

According to the search giant, its Netherlands and Montreal cloud computing center will be operational in the first-quarter of 2018, followed by the centers in Finland, Hong Kong and Los Angeles.

"These new investments expand our existing cloud network", Ben Treynor Sloss, a VP at Google, said in a blog post.

"At Google, we have spent $30bn improving our infrastructure over three years, and we're not done yet".

Google is also constructing, or taking part in constructing, three undersea cables, which will be commissioned in 2019. Google says that this will be the first subsea cable connected to Chile in 20 years, and since it's a private cable, it will be used to serve Google customers in Latin America.

"Owning the cable ourselves has some distinct benefits", Treynor said.

Overall, the Google network has over 100 points of presence and over 7,500 edge caching nodes. It said owning the cable will allow it to control the design and construction process, and technical specifications, and once it is deployed make routing decisions that optimize for latency and availability.

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Google will work with leading social network Facebook and other companies on a "Havfrue" cable linking the U.S. with Denmark and Ireland.

Finally, the Hong Kong-Guam cable system will help Google reach customers in Australia and the Pacific region.

The Havfrue cable consortium consist of Google, Facebook, Aqua Comms, and Bulk Infrastructure.

As it invests in bandwidth, Google is also expanding the data center capacity that supports its cloud services around the world.

The research firm said that "Microsoft, Google and Alibaba are all growing their revenues much more rapidly than Amazon and they continue to gain market share, but the reality is that in this market Amazon remains bigger than its next five largest competitors combined". It now has 15 regions made up of 44 zones.

The Curie cable, named after scientist Marie curie, will make Google the first major non-telecom company to build a private intercontinental cable. It will also increase the company's network capacity at their new Hong Kong region.

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