Amazon Echo Spot Could Be An Alarm Clock For The 21st Century

MARKET LEADER Amazon's Echo Show uses Alexa which is the most popular digital voice assistant

MARKET LEADER Amazon's Echo Show uses Alexa which is the most popular digital voice assistant

Amazon Australia announced this week that the new version of Alexa not only has a local accent (and will respond with "No worries" in lieu of "you're welcome"), it also has a broad range of local partnerships to allow the device to quickly integrate into the users life.

Amazon only announced that availability would be in 2018 but did not specify when, but the good news for our readers in Australia and New Zealand is that we finally have a date to look forward to.

But technology experts warned Australians had yet to be won over by smart speakers as privacy concerns were still preventing the technology from going mainstream.

Although Echo's rival Google Home has had a six-month head start in Australia, arriving last year, and while Apple's Siri which predates Alexa by three years-Alexa still remain the pioneer when it comes to smart speaker technology, with the device experiencing rapid growth in the smart home market.

"We're constantly working to develop concepts and initiatives that will be helpful to our customers, and we rely heavily on data to inform all such initiatives", Village GM of marketing and sales, Mohit Bhargava, said.

Mr Limp said the device could now deliver cricket sledges as well as scores, sing Waltzing Matilda, and name a favourite footy player.

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From today customers in Australia can preorder an Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, or Echo Plus, with the devices beginning to ship next month. Alternatively, a two pack of Echo Dots can be found for $79 at the moment, making it easier to try out Amazon's vision of a smart home.

In order to complete the Echo experience, Amazon is also launching its Music Unlimited service so you can ask Alexa to play music for you from its own streaming service, or from other streaming services like Tune In, Spotify, and Pandora.

The company has sold more than 20 million Alexa-enabled devices to date, according to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, and nearly three times as many as Google.

"About 16 per cent of Australians are interested in purchasing a smart speaker, and about five per cent have actually purchased one", he said.

Of course it begs a bigger question, which is how comfortable do you feel having a always-listening device in your bedroom.

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