BJP Mocks Rahul Gandhi For Wearing Rs 70000 Jacket At Meghalaya Concert

Rahul Gandhi President All India Congress Committee

Rahul Gandhi President All India Congress Committee

The war of words between the congress and the BJP continues ahead of the Assembly polls in three north eastern states with the latter picking up on the Congress Scion for wearing a costly black jacket, costing almost Rs 70,000 while attending a musical concert in Shillong on Tuesday evening, of which Rahul clarified that it was a borrowed jacket.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) extracted sweet revenge by taking a jibe at Congress' newly appointed national President Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday, after he was seen wearing an exorbitantly priced Burberry black jacket, costing almost Rs 70,000. Instead of singing away our woes, you could have given a report card of your inefficient govt in Meghalaya!

However, BJP lashed out at Gandhi's attire, claiming the price of Rahul's jacket was around Rs. Congress used Modi's choice of attire for a conversation over tea with Obama to dub BJP "suit boot ki sarkar" in a bid to sharpen its charge of a pro-rich bias.

"Did they go check the bill when Rahul Gandhi was buying the jacket?"

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Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh leader and BJP general secretary Ram Madhav also hit out at Gandhi, saying the Congress left the northeast states poor while their leaders roamed around in costly jackets. "I don't know whether to laugh or to cry at the desperation of the BJP". You mean to say they have no other work than to search online for jacket rates.

He said every leader of the state congress including the chief minister and PCC chief has been given responsibility to look after one booth each. I will show the jacket can be bought at Rs 700.

In 2015, Rahul Gandhi took on Narendra Modi's "suit-boot ki sarkar". Your indifference mocks us! You will see him with others.

It was with the BJP in mind that Rahul said to the people after the concert: "We will defend your culture, your way of thinking". She added that later that suit was auctioned for crores.

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