Eagles' Schwartz has tall order in stopping Brady, Pats

Philadelphia Eagles players

Philadelphia Eagles players

As odd as it sounds, no winning quarterback in the past 51 Super Bowls - including Tom Brady - has thrown for the most yards during the regular season and won the sport's ultimate game that same season.

- Tom Brady is exhausted of everyone asking him about retirement. "But if you take away those things - you take away his ability to set his feet and you take away his ability to go to a second read or make a good decision - you're going to have some success". "I don't know. The whole team has it, though", linebacker Mychal Kendricks said. If the Patriots' offensive line protects him well, there's a pretty good chance he will put up plenty of points on Philadelphia. "That's what I'm thinking about".

A box of Dottie's Donuts in Philadelphia, where no more Boston Creme donuts will be made until after the Super Bowl.

McNabb only led Philadelphia to one Super Bowl appearance, though the Eagles almost played in the game several times with the quarterback and head coach Andy Reid at the helm.

"In the spirit of friendly competition, we have issued our wager because we have confidence in our teams and, more importantly, based on our admiration for the commitment of the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots to assist their local communities and respond to the needs of the less fortunate", the two archbishops said.

The Philadelphia Eagles, with Nick Foles, are the first team in 27 years to reach the Super Bowl after losing their starting quarterback in December.

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"Our organization, they might have had a plan to keep me off of media for a little bit - maybe they held me out for an extra day or two, I'm not sure", he cracked.

Malcolm Jenkins, Fletcher Cox, Brandon Graham, Vinny Curry, Mychal Kendricks and Beau Allen are six key defensive players left from a team that upset the Patriots 35-28 at Gillette Stadium on December 6, 2015. Chung is also known as a shutdown defender on opposing tight ends - and Zach Ertz is Philadelphia's leading receiver. He's usually the difference in every game he plays.

"I think the execution with the ball in those last two games probably haven't been where we have throughout the summer", Southee said. He knows pressuring Brady without having to blitz is the key to success.

"We battled and we hung in there and beat them in Cleveland..."

New England's philosophy is pretty clearly to bend but not break and then rely on Brady to get the Pats up and down the field enough to win. No one's dying, ' Kendricks said. But it's relentless depth from a rotating front four that makes the Eagles a real test for Brady and the Pats, one that brings back bad memories of those Giants fronts.

Disclosure: NBC Sports is televising Sunday's Super Bowl. But if he has the dominant performance the Patriots hope for, he'll make them that much more formidable.

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