Florida nurse's video rant about hard flu season goes viral

A Florida Panhandle nurse went on a rant about the flu and offers some common sense to the public

A Florida Panhandle nurse went on a rant about the flu and offers some common sense to the public

"Kindly don't bring your solid youngsters - particularly your infants - into the emergency room", Lockler said in the video.

"Wash your stinkin' hands so you don't get all your babies sick".

When it comes to preventing the flu from spreading at home, Lockler has a pretty simple solution.

To close, Lockler said she gets "yelled at and cussed at" a lot because people are upset with how long they have to wait.

"Right now we have up to 25 to 30 patients sitting for hours in the emergency room waiting room and some of them are not true emergencies but they're waiting along with the flu right next to them", Lockler explains. Surprisingly perky, Locker recalled several instances she'd witnessed at work where people showed blatant disregard for the fact that they were spreading the flu.

"Watch this, I'm going to teach you a magic trick, it's wonderful", Katherine says.

For those who missed it, Lockler did it again in "slow motion".

"I believe there's a smidgen of mockery in my voice in light of the fact that the guidelines were given such a large number of times and they were not gotten well", Lockler said. She then fakes a sneeze and directs the blow into her elbow.

"Please don't come in and say 'I have a fever and I had one Tylenol and it didn't do nothing.'" she said.

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Lockler's seven-minute video received mostly positive responses in the comments.

She told the Pensacola News Journal that the video was meant to send a message from a health care professional's perspective.

"There is a cesspool of funky flu at the E.R. right now", she says, excoriating people to not come to the emergency room if they don't need to, especially to visit others. "And if you don't have what I call a true emergency, this would not be the time to come into the emergency room". "And instead of the dad receiving what a nurse of 10 years is sharing with him, he said, 'Eh, it's no big deal, it'll build his immune system.' So there's a lack of understanding and a lack of interest in knowing what to do to protect themselves sometimes".

Katherine Lockler posted her rant titled "After Work Thoughts" after finishing a 12-hour night shift, working in multiple emergency rooms across Northwest Florida.

According to the CDC, healthy people should avoid contact with those who are sick while sick people should limit contact with those who are healthy.

"I just giggle", she said.

High levels of flu-like illness were reported in 42 states, up from 39 states the previous week, and cases were geographically widespread across every state but OR and Hawaii.

Flu season can be taxing for all of us, but it's especially hard for medical professionals who battle the virus itself not to mention a total lack of flu knowledge by the general population.

That was last weekend and the video has since gone viral, racking up over 5.2 million views. "We're putting ourselves in the thick of some nasty germs to help".

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