Modicare will need up to Rs12,000 crore for implementation, says JP Nadda

Budget 2018 has not talked about reducing subsidies and increasing investments in the agriculture sector

Budget 2018 has not talked about reducing subsidies and increasing investments in the agriculture sector

We have made it slow but steady progress in the healthcare sector.

The scheme envisages to cover a total of almost 10 crore families or 50 crore beneficiaries, with a sum of Rs 5, 00,000 per family per year, and a premium of Rs 1000-1200 per year, which will be borne by the government and state in a 60-40 ratio.

"It's not only an insurance". "We fixed cost for most knee and hip implants after a detailed analysis. We look forward to partnering with the government in implementing these transformative programmes in India". "We are going fast on it", he said, adding that the government is committed on it. The scheme will also bring a change in the socio-economic scenario. If assuming the model to be insurance led, the premium shrinks with the increase in the number of policyholders, he said at the event organised by Open magazine. SJM co-convenor Ashwani Mahajan said it was heartening to note that the government had announced a health protection scheme, which will reach out to 50 crore people by offering up to Rs 5 lakh cover for illnesses. At present, the chief minister's health insurance scheme covers about 1.47 crore families - almost 4 crore people - for up to ₹2 lakh a year. In the Budget, Finance Minister Thomas Isaac said Kerala will become the first state in the country to ensure Universal Health Security. Asked about an earlier scheme wherein the government had announced a Rs 1 lakh coverage, Nadda said there were only four crore beneficiaries under that programme.

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He said states are ready to implement the NHPS and financial arrangements will be made accordingly. And the primary care facilities announced by the government, which is conceptually no different from the extant primary health centres, would be the foundation of such a health protection scheme. The health minister pointed out that NHPS shall provide the highest coverage of Rs 5 lakh compared to any of the existing centre / state sponsored health insurance schemes. "There are 1.5 lakh centres which we have to change into wellness centres". I am committing Rs 1,200 crore in this Budget for this flagship programme. "Maternal Neonatal and infant helathcare, communicable diseases and all types of vaccination, opthalmic care, ENT dental care, mental care will come under that", he said. One, with the National Health Policy announced a year ago, the Government proposed establishment of 1.5 lakh health and wellness centres with an aim to provide comprehensive care to the people for treatment and diagnostics for NCDs as well as Maternal and Child Health. Government also will work on upgrading district hospitals to medical colleges - However, challenges of retaining the doctors and stopping brain drain also needs to be addressed, otherwise in spite of increasing the medical colleges the doctor to patient ratio will remain the same. "One of the issues was to increase notification and to go to the last level of completion of dose of the patient".

The total cost under "Modicare" to cover 10 crore households has been estimated at Rs 4,000 crore.

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