Netflix's Surprise Release, 'The Cloverfield Paradox,' Unleashes Chaos

Netflix drops The Cloverfield Paradox with no warning

The Cloverfield Paradox: What Does The Ending Really Mean?

Netflix surprised film fans by releasing the thriller The Cloverfield Paradox without advance notice on Super Bowl Sunday. What's interesting is that these complaints validate reports that surfaced prior to Netflix's acquisition of the film from Paramount.

Starring Gugu Mbatha-Raw, David Oyelowo, Elizabeth Dibecki and Chris O'Dowd, the prequel takes place on a space station where scientists are working on technology that would provide Earth with unlimited energy. But it definitely succeeded in generating in-game Super Bowl buzz.

"After the initial excitement dies down, you'll see that Julius Onah's The Cloverfield Paradox is a tepid, predictable, and largely uninteresting sci-fi film where dumb characters do dumb things and bad things happen because the script needs them to".

Doug Jung, co-writer on with Simon Pegg - incidentally, Pegg has a voice cameo in the Netflix movie - co-wrote The Cloverfield Paradox with Oren Uziel, who worked on the screenplay for 22 Jump Street.

As ScreenRant points out, Pegg's voice is one of the first things you hear when watching The Cloverfield Paradox. Expected or not, this is a pretty big deal for the industry where a trailer and the movie for a fairly big title is released on a streaming service the same day.

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Will that be the case for The Cloverfield Paradox?

There are solid, fascinating ideas roaming around aimlessly in The Cloverfield Paradox. Rather than waiting, Paramount may have made a decision to release the movie on Netflix in its current form.

The rumor on the street was that following extensive reshoots and third-act changes, Paramount dumped the film with Netflix where it might be released soon.

We see brief glimpses of the protagonist of the new film in the rubble as a massive Clover stomps around the city hidden in debris. Maybe it doesn't even matter if The Cloverfield Paradox is any good. Other than that, Netflix is leaving us in the dark. "Seeming to understand how underwhelming the drama is, Onah stages some of his pivotal crew debates off-camera, letting us listen to colleagues bicker while we watch, say, CG footage of the station's moving parts".

The trailer is high on tension and low on details but thankfully we've only got to wait until tonight for the full details.

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