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All credit goes to the boys, says U-19 coach Dravid

"We did not play our number one game in the finals, that we played in the quarterfinal (versus Bangladesh) and semifinal (against Pakistan)".

After the world title triumph at New Zealand on Saturday, Dravid had acknowledged the role of support staff.

Addressing a press conference after the win, Dravid had said he credited the success of the team to the entire support staff which had worked hard behind the scenes. Some of them can go on to play in the next Under-19 World Cup. "The way they have played and executed in pressure, these kinds of things give you happiness", as reported by DNA. The selectors, NCA and BCCI also helped a lot. Coaching the U-19 team involves the buildup and planning to a tournament. I think I played just one under-19 series, two Test matches against the visiting New Zealand side that came here, and that was it, really. Their coaches mentioned to me so many times that the standard of cricket we have seen your guys play is a benchmark for a lot of us.

"Talent and ability is there, it's about managing themselves, how to deal with pressure and the expectations that will come as U-19 champions".

"It's not easy to get into the Indian side". India also became the first team to win the junior world cup four times.

Unfortunately, cricket has bred so much cynicism in the country that some people have started wondering whether the boys were indeed genuinely under-19. "They told me that they were in awe of the brand of cricket we were playing", revealed the proud coach.

"My view is quite well known".

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While there are a few players who were eligible to be a part of the U-19 squad again, Dravid felt that the players by then would be too good at the level if they put up with consistent performances in domestic cricket.

The publicity of the World Cup has certainly prompted the local national youth system to be more competitive, as evident by Afghanistan qualifying for the semi-final at the 2018 World Cup.

It will only ensure nations gaining unfair advantage are brought back to level field, which in theory should make the competition a lot stiffer.

The week around the IPL auction was "stressful" and Dravid "worried" as some of his players, in the middle of an incredible run in the World Cup, waited with bated breath to land lucrative contracts. "Only those three days I was a bit anxious", Dravid told the media on Monday.

We had some loose curfews and sometimes they'd break it but its okay, they're teenagers. "What impressed me was the level of maturity they showed in the age of social media, most of which I am not even aware of", he added.

According to the Indian Express, Dravid has expressed his displeasure at the disparity between the cash prize he won versus his support staff and team.

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