Raccoons, superheroes and bald heads are getting new emoji this year

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After a new upcoming lobster emoji for smartphones and other devices was announced, Maine Senator Angus King took to Twitter to show his happiness about this new way of expressing pride in his state, local TV channel WMTW reported Wednesday.

The Unicode Consortium, an organization tasked with approving the standardization of digital characters and symbols, released 157 new emoji Wednesday.

A lobster emoji is coming and Maine's junior senator is boiling over with joy.

King fittingly signed off the tweet with his name in emoji form: a cow for Angus and a crown for King.

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The new Emoji 11.0 set is fixed and final, and includes the data needed for vendors to begin working on their emoji fonts and code ahead of the release of Unicode 11.0, scheduled for June 2018.

Among the newest additions are: superheroes and supervillains, redheads, infinity, hot face, cold face, partying face, woozy face, a host of new animals, toilet paper, skateboard, magnet, bagel, and much more. Angus King of ME has finally netted his state a lobster emoji.

Lobster lovers like King had felt a pinch of resentment that their favorite crustacean was without representation. However, the emoji that you'll actually see and use depends on what software you're using.

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