Apple Releases iOS 11.3 Public Beta 2

Dynamic Type lets users easily adjust the size of the text that apps supporting this feature will display

Dynamic Type lets users easily adjust the size of the text that apps supporting this feature will display

After acknowledging that it hampers performance on older iPhone models with degraded batteries, Apple has been struggling to regain its footing. This allows users to monitor the battery life for their smartphone. In line with what the company told customers a year ago, Apple's Public Policy Vice President Cynthia Hogan reiterated to Thune that the upcoming iOS 11.3 update will give users "greater visibility into the health of their iPhones".

We've learned since that demand for new iPhone batteries has been strong, as Apple outlined in a response letter to lawmakers earlier this month.

Following the iPhone battery throttling revelations at the end of previous year, Apple promised to introduce new battery health features to iOS 11.3, as well as a toggle that will let users disable performance throttling on devices with weak battery.

While it remains to be seen how iPhone upgrade rates shake out for the quarter, Moskowtiz's argument is certainly well-reasoned.

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In a letter addressed to Senator John Thune (R-S.D.), Chairman of the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) said (PDF) it is exploring whether customers who paid full price for battery replacement should get a rebate for some of the purchase price. The company's admission stoked long-held speculation that Apple slows its devices to drive sales of new models. It's offering out-of-warranty replacement batteries for $29 to anyone with an iPhone 6 or later until the end of 2018, regardless of whether they have experienced performance issues.

Apple has faced criticism for slowing down older iPhones with its iOS performance management feature, though the company has said it was not throttling performance as such. With this information, coupled with the Battey Health settings, users now have more control over their iPhone's power than ever before. The document states that this is due to the devices using a different form of battery management than its older smartphones.

Did you pay full price for a replacement iPhone battery? Therefore if you are interested then you can certainly check this Beta version. And many of them probably have the affected iPhones, which start with the iPhone 6 and goes to the iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, and iPhone SE as well as iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The iPhone-maker introduced the power management feature on iOS to ensure that unexpected shutdowns did not take place because the battery was unable to handle performance peaks.

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