Google Mobile Search Adds Instagram Like Stories

Google says with the new AMP the users could see automatically updated flight information in a booking confirmation email

Google says with the new AMP the users could see automatically updated flight information in a booking confirmation email

Our debut AMP stories include an essential guide to Marvel's Black Panther, a tongue-in-cheek examination of Instagram's most absurd beauty trends, and an absorbing explainer on Silicon Valley's favorite gossip app. But there's a downside as well, that can't be ignored. It will go a long way in helping people spend more time on Google's search page because they can access all the personal and general data they need. The AMP tech is traditionally used for fast-loading mobile pages; the Gmail integration is its first broader use case.

"AMP Stories have extraordinary potential to enhance how we create mobile content". Google said it plans to expand the format over time, surfacing AMP Stories in more of its products.

The feature seemingly won't notify you if an email has been updated, but will instead do it automatically and quietly so "content is accurate whenever a user looks at it", according to a blog post written by Aakash Sahney, a Google program manager.

"The mobile web is great for distributing and sharing content, but mastering performance can be tricky", Galfi wrote.

The solution is created to bring stories to life in a visual way to help publishers get their readers' attention on mobile devices, where users typically browse lots of articles, but engage with few in-depth.

AMP stories is all about encouraging new forms of expression and storytelling, so we expect most publishers to not be already publishing this kind of content out on the web now.

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Google is bringing its Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) feature to email with the developer preview for Gmail.

Your email is about to come a whole lot more interactive - or a whole lot more annoying, depending on how you look at it - with Google baking AMP into Gmail.

"Images, videos and graphics help get readers' attention as quickly as possible and keep them engaged through immersive and easily consumable visual information", he added.

Google announced that it's testing new features for its email service, Gmail.

The rep also added that "AMP Story content should be fulfilling and standalone". Otherwise, Google says it'll bring support to Gmail later this year. But, as with the broader AMP initiative, Google is eager to stress that this isn't a purely Google-focused product - the company wants other email client providers to embrace it.

It's more like "monetizing" your inbox for Google's own profit.

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