Why the Experience of Ahed Tamimi Matters So Much

UN rights experts alarmed by detention of Palestinian girl

Ahed Tamimi Returns Before Israeli Show Trial

But Ahed Tamimi's supporters see a fearless girl who struck two armed soldiers outside her West Bank home in frustration after having just learned that Israeli troops seriously wounded a 15-year-old cousin, shooting him in the head from close range with a rubber bullet during nearby stone-throwing clashes.

The incident was streamed live on Facebook by her mother and went viral.

In an expose of the Tamimi family last in Haaretz last month, Petra Marquardt-Bigman has observed that Ahed's father, Bassem, "regularly encourages his own children to confront Israeli soldiers, and has frequently advocated the participation of children in protests and demonstrations".

Her father Bassem Tamimi waved to her from the audience, yelling out "stay strong, you will win".

The video was recorded after Tamimi found out Israeli Defense Forces shot her cousin in the face with a rubber bullet, giving the boy severe wounds.

Israel's full-throttle prosecution of Tamimi, one of an estimated 300 Palestinian minors in Israeli jails, and a senior Israeli official's recent revelation that he once had parliament investigate whether the blond, blue-eyed Tamimis are a "real" Palestinian family have helped stoke ongoing interest in the case.

Palestinian protest icon Ahed Tamimi is in a courtroom at the Ofer military prison near Jerusalem, Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2018.

Tamimi has been hailed as a hero both by Palestinians and internationally who see her as bravely standing up to Israel's occupation of the West Bank. As he recalled, the Palestinian teenager was arrested in the middle of the night by well-armed soldiers, and then questioned by Israeli security agents without family members or lawyers present.

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In the closed session, the court read a 12-count indictment against Tamimi, including charges of assault and incitement that could keep her in prison for several years.

The charges relate to events in the video and five other incidents. They understand that people outside Ofer military court are interested in Ahed's case. Instead, she herself was arrested.

Prosecutors requested more time to prepare a response and a new date was set for March 11, according to Lasky. Her 28-year-old cousin died after being hit by a tear-gas canister a year earlier, he says.

Amnesty International, a London-based international group focused on human rights, has called for the release of the teenager and accused Israel of "discriminatory treatment of Palestinian children".

The teen with the large curly mane of blond hair, who turned 17 in jail last month, has become the latest symbol of the long-running battle between Palestinians and Israelis over global public opinion. Diplomats from Germany, Britain, Ireland and other European countries came to court Tuesday as observers.

"From Trayvon Martin to Mohammed Abu Khdeir and Khalif Browder to Ahed Tamimi - racism, state violence and mass incarceration have robbed our people of their childhoods and their futures", read the open letter organized by US -based Dream Defenders group that was formed following Martin's death to fight for social change.

"While our struggles may be unique, the parallels can not be ignored", they add, noting that United States police, border patrol and other law enforcement "train with Israeli soldiers, police, and border agents, utilizing similar repressive profiling tactics to target and harass our communities".

The Convention on the Rights of the Child, which Israel has ratified, states that minors can only be deprived of liberty as a last resort and for the shortest appropriate time, said Michael Lynk, a United Nations special rapporteur on human rights in the Palestinian territories, in a statement.

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