Woman Fell Asleep With A Headache And Woke Up With British Accent



The Independent reported that the former beauty queen now speaks with a London accent - despite having never left the United States. After blinding headaches she has woken up with different accents three different times in the past seven years.

Myers, who said she also suffers from Ehlers-Danlos, a condition that makes skin elastic and joints flexible to the point of dislocation, is now seeking treatment for her rare condition, with the hope of being cured.

Myers told KNXV that she is trying to maintain a positive attitude and just wants to be taken seriously since she is aware of how her condition sounds to others. The further added that Myers suffers from a rare condition called Foreign Accent Syndrome (FAS) - a condition usually associated with neurological damage.

"Some people think it's physiological; others think it's psychological", Myers told a local ABC affiliate.

Myers also suffers from Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS), a genetic connective tissue disorder, though experts said there's no proof this contributed to the accent change. Her family, including her seven children, helped her.

It's not the first time that her accent changed overnight.

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Foreign Accent Syndrome is a speech disorder that makes the sufferer sound like they have an accent from another country, according to the University of Texas Dallas.

FAS is extremely rare and usually appears as a effect of a stroke, brain damage, and in Meyers' case, underlying medical issues.

Myers's situation is especially peculiar since her accent doesn't sound like a speech disruption-on the contrary, it comes across as quite refined. In this instance, Time says, the British accent stuck. She misses the way she used to say her kids' names. "I would give anything", she said. She also likes painting, writing, and motivating people.

With such a rare disease, there aren't many resources dedicated to research. So when she one day addressed her family with a British accent, despite spending her life in Texas and Arizona, everyone took it as a joke.

She continued: "I have some unbelievable family and friends, who've helped me to realise I'm still the same person - I just sound different".

"I believe everything happens for a reason, so, maybe this happened because it helps me to break the ice with people", she said. "I feel like a different person".

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