Valve Updates Steam Wishlists With More Information, New Features

Steam's Lunar New Year sale is supposed to kick off today

Valve Holds Steam Lunar New Year Sale, Makes Changes To Wishlist

The Steam Lunar New Year Sale is now live and there are great discounts on many great games. Also, Valve improved the Wishlist tool of Steam which is a highly functional feature. Is there anything you are hoping to grab in the Steam sale today? Along with that though, comes a number of changes to the way wishlists work, making it easier to buy titles from the list, easier to sort them, and easier to find that one game you know you wanted but you can't quite remember what it was called. Now your Wishlist will reflect if a game is currently in Early Access, and we've added a filter option to hide those games until they have transitioned from Early Access to full release.

Along with sorting by discount, users can also choose from various tiers of price, or filter to only see item price matching the Steam Wallet balance. Additionally, a wishlist can now be organized in multiple way, and these include a user's rank order, price, name, date added, top selling, release date, and review score.

Other filters include certain price thresholds, operating system support and whether they're on sale or not. (My Steam wishlist now stands at over a hundred individual items.) Customers can sort by a number of factors including the order you've placed them in, price, review score, or by a few other metrics.

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To decide what changed would be popular with Steam users Valve sensibly filtered through common requests seen in the Steam Community pages.

Another feature is the ability to add games straight to your cart from the Wishlist, rather than being directed to their store page first. However, we found that there are cases where it isn't always clear which version of the game should be added to the cart.

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