Google Lens now rolling out to more devices

Google announces Android Enterprise Recommended program

Google launches Android smartphone recommendation program for enterprises

Android Go features apps that Google has released for users in emerging markets, such as its Data Saver app, the Files Go peer-to-peer file sharing app, YouTube Go, and a Go version of Google Assistant. Now that ARCore 1.0 is expanding into the public realm, Google says that developers are free to publish their AR apps directly to the Play Store.

Google has been doing more to support high-end devices that have the computing power for artificial intelligence, and ARCore is one way Android can compete with Apple's luxury handsets.

Just a couple days before the world's biggest smartphone convention kicks off in Barcelona, Google is rolling out updates for a number of its most interesting Android features.

"ARCore 1.0 features improved environmental understanding that enables users to place virtual assets on textured surfaces like posters, furniture, toy boxes, books, cans and more", the company said in a February 23 post.

Variety was first to report about the impending launch of ARCore at Mobile World Congress Thursday. Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S9 lineup is understood to be supporting ARCore out of the box and the phone maker may confirm that this Sunday after the flagship duo is officially announced. The Google employee then also noted that the "engineering team has added this feature" and that it would be present "in a future Android release". Let's see if we can get that shored up real quick, shall we?

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Over the coming weeks, the update will be available to users with compatible Samsung, Huawei, LG, Motorola, Sony and HMD/Nokia handsets.

Meanwhile, Google Lens, a feature that is now available Google Pixel devices and uses computer vision to quickly recognize objects, businesses, and other things around you, is said to release for both Google Assistant and Google Photos in the next few weeks. The functionality will soon be available to users of the Google Photos app running Android or iOS 9 and above.

Google says its engineers have been hard at work adding features to Lens, including text selection capabilities and the ability to create contacts from a photo with one tap.

Lens will also get improved support for recognizing common animal and plants, such as specific dog breeds and flowers.

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