Trump says U.S. will `counteract´ any Russian meddling in 2018 elections

Trump Finally Addresses Russian Meddling in Mid-Terms: 'We'll Counteract Whatever They Do'

Trump Says Other Countries, Individuals 'Probably' Meddled in 2016 Election, Provides No Evidence

President Donald Trump and Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven clashed Tuesday over Trump's proposed tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, APA reportrs quoting CNN.

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson privately warned senior trade officials on Tuesday that President Donald Trump's proposed tariffs on steel and aluminum could endanger the US national security relationship with allies, according to five people familiar with the meeting.

His remarks come after President TrumpDonald John TrumpAccuser says Trump should be afraid of the truth Woman behind pro-Trump Facebook page denies being influenced by Russians Shulkin says he has White House approval to root out "subversion" at VA MORE vowed to crack down on efforts by the Kremlin to interfere in the midterms during a press conference earlier in the day.

Russian Federation has been found by multiple investigations and agencies to have sought to influence the last presidential election by backing candidates, including Trump, who opposed Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. "But certainly there was meddling - and probably from other countries and maybe other individuals. We will counteract it very strongly".

The indictment issued by the USA special counsel charged them with running a huge but hidden social media trolling campaign aimed in part at helping Mr Trump defeat Democrat Hillary Clinton.

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"You don't want your system of votes to be compromised in any way", he added.

"We won't allow that to happen", he said, referring to the November mid-terms.

"They make it nearly impossible for us to do business with them and yet they send their cars and everything else back to the United States", he said. "It's called paper. It's called paper!", he said with emphasis. "We haven't been given credit for this but we've actually been working very hard on the '18 election and the '20 election coming up". Called paper. Not highly complex computers. "But I like watching it, I like seeing it, and I think it's the best way to go". Paper. And a lot of states are doing that. "Various agencies including Homeland Security are studying it very carefully".

FBI Director Christopher Wray said in January that the president had not "specifically directed" the bureau to fight Russian interference.

Adm. Mike Rogers, the outgoing director of both the U.S. Cyber Command and National Security Agency, said the U.S. response to Russian Federation has not been strong enough to change Moscow's activities.

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