Google announces Android P, confirms iPhone X-like design among several changes

Android P Developer Preview

Android folks rejoice as Google brings Lens to all Google Photos users

Google released the upcoming version of Android P earlier today for the developer community to start testing. Fortunately for those anxious to take the next major Android version for a spin as soon as possible, Google surprised us all and made this piece of code available yesterday.

Android 8.0 Oreo is installed on barely 1 percent of Android devices around the globe, but Google is already well along in development of its successor. In Google's blog post announcing Android P, it mostly focused on key features as well as app-building tools for developers. While nothces first apperaed on Apple's iPhone X, the small indent atop otherwise bezel-less phones is slated to pop up in more Android phones with displays that wrap around the camera and speaker at the top.

The new multi-camera API allows users to access streams simultaneously from two or more cameras on the device. Developers will have to make sure that everything looks neat even with a notch when creating their apps.

Google has also improved visibility and function in notifications with Android P. The new Messaging Style notification will highlight who is messaging and how the user can reply. The company has stated it will continue to update the beta and release new builds often, with more news promised in May from Google I/O.

Android P works around the notch modern smartphones have, and this will also make it easier for app developers to optimize their apps, so they can either work around the notch or keep it right under it and under the status bar. Before then, we'll get five developer previews.

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Google is not updating old devices to the latest operating system version and it's nothing new.

One of the more notable features touted by Google is new messaging notifications.

Here're some biggest changes in Android P. It also brings indoor positioning via Wi-Fi RTT which is also known as 802.11mc.

It should go without saying that as this is such an early preview, it is likely to be pretty unstable and lacking numerous features and refinements that will eventually find their way into Android P, but this developer preview is here for the curious to try out. The Assistant inside Google Photos in all Android devices will now be able to hover through images and pull out relevant information.

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