Praise the Sun, Dark Souls: Remastered is Getting an amiibo

A Dark Souls Amiibo Is Coming So Praise The Sun Shannon Grixti

A Dark Souls Amiibo Is Coming So Praise The Sun Shannon Grixti

Bandai Namco invites players back to the treacherous land of Lordran with Dark Souls: Remastered, and re-experience the genre-defining title that kicked off a worldwide gaming phenomena in stunning high-definition detail. Solaire has become a meme of sorts, mainly thanks to his saying "Praise the sun!"

Today during the Nintendo Direct Nintendo confirmed that Dark Souls Remastered for the Nintendo Switch will be getting a network test.

We also learned that sometime before release a Network Test will launch so first time players can mentally prepare to die and try again. By tapping it onto the JoyCon or Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, you'll unlock the "Praise the Sun" gesture right off the bat.

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A network test will also be available sometime before the May 25, launch, so if you're anxious about performance issues or your skill, you can check it out and make a call. Solaire will be only the second Amiibo to not originate from a Nintendo published game (Cloud is part of Super Smash Bros. before you start getting smart in the comments) as he joins Shovel Knight and his upcoming Knight adversaries to the Amiibo range.

Nintendo is definitely keeping their Amiibo line relevant with the announcement that Solaire of Astora (from Dark Souls) will receive his own figure on May 25.

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