Samsung aims to inspire the 2018 Paralympic Winter Games

The South Korean Government has confirmed its intention to steadily phase out the country’s controversial grade system for disabled people

Statement by Minister Duncan on the Announcement of Canada's Flag-Bearer for the PyeongChang 2018 Paralympic

South Koreans cheering in favour of a unified Korea are seen with a North Korean flag in the background.

Dokdo, known as Takeshima in Japan, consists of two main islands and about 30 smaller rocks.

Although the joint march of the two Koreas will not happen, the KPC said it proposed to the IPC that representatives of the South and the North carry the Paralympic torch together for the relay during the opening ceremony. It emphasized that not showing the islets hurts the pride of Koreans.

But days before the 1988 Winter Games opened in Calgary, his parents took their long-broken TV set in to have it repaired, and the cross-country skier's Olympic love affair began when Canada marched into the stadium for the opening ceremonies. Many Member broadcasters will be dedicating more hours of coverage than ever before for a Paralympic Winter Games, giving millions of viewers the chance to be part of this wonderful event.

Hwang Chung-song, who leads the North Korean delegation for the Paralympics, said he was pleased to participate in the sports event here.

"We wanted to have a moment of harmony for a peaceful Paralympics and Korean unity, but chose to respect each other's stance on the issue", the KPC said. Together with the IPC, the EBU through its free-to-air Member coverage has helped raise the profile of the Paralympic movement throughout Europe, having managed the rights to the Paralympic Games for a number of years, initially working with the Organising Committees and subsequently with the IPC.

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North Korea's 24-strong delegation arrived in South Korea yesterday through a land border north of the South Korean capital Seoul. All athletes will stay at the PyeongChang Village, where 49 percent of the apartments built are wheelchair accessible.

Also on hand were McKeever's two guides Nishikawa and Russell Kennedy, who competed for Canada at the Olympics last month, and is new to Paralympic sport.

The Russian question loomed large over last month's Olympics.

A state-run agency in charge of inter-Korean relations finalized its decision to extend its funding to North Korea on Thursday, following its massive financial support for the Winter Games.

Following the 2015 Canada Games in Prince George, the Province of B.C. announced the Northern Sport Accessibility Initiative, a three-year pilot project to expand access to sport and recreation for people with disabilities living in Northern B.C. This year three of B.C.'s Paralympians also competed at the 2015 Canada Games including Ethan Hess, Emily Young and Pemble.

South Korean officials met with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in a rare meeting in Pyongyang on Monday (March 5) following a de-escalation of tensions - thought to be a result of the Olympics.

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