Charlize Theron's mom helps her score marijuana: 'She's all mine'

Charlize Theron

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They sent their honest and upstanding employee Harold, played by David Oyelowo, to Mexico - setting him up to deal with evil drug leaders and the police.

Charlize Theron's mum Gerda procured marijuana edibles to help the star combat her sleep issues.

Theron said of the sleeping strain they tried, "It worked!"

Charlize - who is now starring in the new drug-fuelled crime drama "Gringo" - admitted he she couldn't imagine seeing her mother buying the drug, even though it's legal in California.

Charlize Theron and Joel Edgerton co-star in the film as the heads of the business that is running the operation, and Theron absolutely delights in delivering filthy and politically incorrect dialogue with glee. Not that Penn mistreated her or anything, he's just, you know, Sean Penn.

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The Oscar victor revealed on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Wednesday that her mother, Gerda, is now also her medical marijuana supplier.

"I always try to jump at the chance at doing something with Nash". She says she has trouble sleeping, which I assume is due to flashbacks of the year-and-a-half of dating Sean Penn she was forced to endure. "Today is not one of my favorite days.' And the little one goes, 'Mama, you no happy?'" "I mean, you've got one life to live. Last week she showed up at my house - literally drove in her little tennis outfit and brought me a little container and just left it on my kitchen table", she said.

Unfortunately, Oyelowo and Theron wouldn't share exactly what had made her laugh to the point of urination but said it revolved around someone butchering his name. She gushed to Jimmy about her incredible night's sleep now, all thanks to her mom. "I have this image of her in the store".

"I basically feel like I'm dating "The Bachelor", like the show", she told Corden.

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