Now is time for gender equality — United Nations chief

Austin-area women take part in an International Women's Day event

Austin-area women take part in an International Women's Day event

The giant yellow "M" that represents McDonald's globally was flipped to mark women's day by an outlet in Lynwood, California reports the Business Indsider. The International Interior Design Association (IIDA)'s 2016 survey reported that 69 percent of design practitioners are women (out of 87,000), but only 25 percent of those women are firm principals.

The first lady will be present the award, which comes in honor of International Women's Day, at the March 21 International Women of Courage ceremony at the State Department, the White House announced on Thursday.

International Women's Day (IWD) has been observed since the early 1900's - a time of great expansion and turbulence in the industrialized world that saw booming population growth and the rise of radical ideologies.

In a 100 years since some women got the right to vote, I am the only Sharon elected since 1918, compared to 403 men named John in the same period.

According to the World Economic Forum, equality right now is actually in retreat, and it will take another century for both genders to stand on equal footing. It celebrates the world achievements of women in the fields of economy, politics and society. German President Clara Zetkin proposed and the assembling body agreed that the International Women's Day as a day to remember women who had struggled all over the world since 1857. She became a Twitter trending topic today because The New York Times published a new project that includes obituaries of overlooked women.

"This is what women and girls want".

Blue Owl Brewing tap room manager Morgan Kelly works at the bar
Blue Owl Brewing tap room manager Morgan Kelly works at the bar

Several other powerful actors, producers and politicians have since been called out by the women they harassed using their privileged positions of authority.

To all women in the fight for equality, democracy, peace, and socialism, we salute you! Gender Equality has been one of two Global Priorities of the organization since 2008.

Nyoni said the day is important in acknowledging the voices of women and taking note of their diversity, their different roles and circumstances.

It calls us, first, to recognize that women suffer disproportionately from every aspect of capitalist exploitation and oppression, from poverty and austerity to environmental degradation and imperialism-just as they have borne the brunt of inequality in every class-based society.

Let's renew our pledge to work in collaboration and #PressforProgress towards gender equality.

The Global HER Act will provide an effective repeal of the Global Gag Rule, empowering women to make their own healthcare decisions.

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