'Let them call you racists,' Bannon tells far-right French party

Pharma Bro Shkreli gets seven years jail for defrauding investors

Pharma Bro Shkreli gets seven years jail for defrauding investors

The proposal she plans to make at the party congress Sunday symbolizes the ongoing makeover to rescue the National Front from the political netherworld it plummeted into after Le Pen lost last year's presidential election to Emmanuel Macron.

"Let them call you racists, xenophobes or whatever else, wear these like a medal".

In Milan after meeting members of Italy's nationalist Five Star Movement, he told the New York Times that "All I'm trying to be is the infrastructure, globally, for the global populist movement" and is considering options for re-entering the global media market after being pushed out of Breitbart.

Yesterday, the party's deputy president Louis Aliot, tweeted: "Welcome to Steve Bannon who will address the Front National tomorrow at our congress and will meet Marine Le Pen".

"Today's politics can not be summed up by the left-right divide".

The new moniker, if approved by members during a mail-in vote, will mark the ultimate break with Le Pen's father, who has called the idea a betrayal.

Len Pen wants to change the name of the National Front, the party co-founded by her father in 1972.

Despite being ousted from his White House post a year ago and feuding with Trump in recent months, Bannon praised the president's "economic nationalism" that he said "does not care about your race, your religion, your ethnicity". Le Pen said the FN had two central aims: "to defend the identity, culture and security of the French involving the fight against immigration" and defending "France's social model and sovereignty".

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Bannon spoke only about the 28-year-old neice at the joint news conference with Marechal-Le Pen.

"The questionnaire shows we need to be more nuanced on certain subjects", Le Pen said.

Marechal-Le Pen, a Catholic hardliner and darling of the FN old guard withdrew from politics a year ago. The new name, to be announced tomorrow, is meant to distance the party from the toxic aura that it earned under her father, who handed her the leadership in 2011.

This week Le Pen seemed heartened by the strong gains made by the allied anti-immigrant League party in Italy's general election, hailing it as a "new stage in the awakening of the people". She bowed out of politics after her aunt's presidential defeat, but is expected to come back in a new role. Jean-Marie Le Pen also is to be scratched from the party's books along with his title of honorary president-for-life. The National Front today has changed in nature.

Le Pen, running as the only candidate for National Front president, said the changes amount to a "cultural revolution" so the reshaped party can "implant itself, create alliances and govern".

At home, she is banking on divisions between pro-Macron centrists and rightwingers tearing his party apart, making the FN France's biggest party of the right.

Angela Charlton contributed in Paris.

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