'60 Minutes' Grills Betsy DeVos About Michigan's Public School Results

Betsy DeVos' Embarrassing 60 Minutes Interview Is What Happens When You're Not Qualified for the Job

Betsy DeVos can't answer basic education questions

Donald Trump's administration will step up aid to states that want to arm school employees, officials said Sunday under a plan to increase campus safety after the killing of 17 people in Florida.

"Why take away money from that school that's not working?" The Obama Justice and Education departments advised school districts that disciplinary policies could constitute "unlawful discrimination" under federal civil rights law if they resulted in a "disproportionate and unjustified effect on students of a particular race".

When asked why she is considering scrapping the Obama-era guidelines on how to prevent schools from punishing students of color more harshly than their white classmates, she did not appear to have a clear answer. What about those kids? School choice advocates support cutting public school funding and shifting it to charter, parochial and private schools.

STAHL: Now, has that happened in MI? We're in MI, your home state.

DeVos: Well, there are certainly lots of pockets where this. the students are doing well and.

This is at the core of DeVos' argument in favor of charter schools - more options will force public schools into competition and they'll have to improve.

"Maybe I should", DeVos said.

DeVos hedged her answer, standing with survivors of sexual assault before doubling down her longstanding commitment to college men and their parents who say they were falsely accused of sexually assaulting women. When asked if she has visited the "really bad schools" she frequently criticizes, DeVos answers that she has not.

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I have not, I have not, I have not intentionally visited schools that are underperforming.

"Here's what we shared with 60 Minutes, which of course they didn't show you: MI, like much of the nation, isn't doing well enough to prepare students". There is no doubt about it. DeVos didn't seem to know, and Stahl was quite sure they're doing worse.

DeVos: Maybe I should.

How are public schools doing in MI?

DeVos told "60 Minutes" that states with a greater school of choice options for families showed academic improvement. "I think probably there, I would imagine that there is probably a gun in the schools to protect from potential grizzlies", she had said.

Last January, DeVos struggled with some basic questions in her Senate confirmation hearing, and she has kept a relatively low media profile ever since.

Um, judging by this interview, DeVos is not misunderstood.

Stahl also got asked about administration changes to Title IX rules that make it harder for accusers to prove accusations charging sexual assault, the Washington Post noted. "But I'm committed to a process that's fair for everyone involved".

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