Florida club closed after video of horse on packed dance floor surfaces

Horses in the Swiss national circus Brothers Knie. Credit PA

Horses in the Swiss national circus Brothers Knie. Credit PA

"It's a horse, a real horse", a woman's voice can be heard to exclaim on a cell phone video. The incident has sparked outrage online.

The city order says that the footage shows that the horse was scared and concludes that the situation was an "actual threat" to public health and safety - enough to warrant the revocation of the lounge's business license.

Among many social media postings was one by an Instagram user - leezamariejay - that shows a woman wearing a thong-like bikini while riding a white horse inside a packed nightclub. The screams eventually turn to cheers, which appear to be directed at the horse.

A video of the incident was posted to LiveLeak and has led animal activists to demand action against the nightclub. This is inhumane and deserves serious attention ASAP'. A Change.org petition calls for action to be taken against the club has so far been signed by nearly 700 people.

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Calls to the Mokai were unanswered Friday afternoon.

Others expressed their anger in the comments section of DeFilippi's video. No injuries have been reported to humans or the animal. As the horse attempts to regain its footing, the rider falls from its back. Beach police quickly opened a criminal investigation.

"This is 2018, not Studio 54, and we know that horses are skittish animals who don't belong among the pounding music, shouting crowds, and flashing lights of a nightclub", People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals said in a statement. "As such, we have launched a joint investigation with [City of Miami Beach] Code Enforcement", the police wrote.

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