Fitbit's New $200 Smartwatch Bears Heavy Resemblance To The Apple Watch

Fitbit Versa brings female health tracking and a much-improved design

Fitbit Versa smartwatch brings women's health tracking and a curvier design

It's also £100 cheaper.

It's not all about fitness on the Fitbit Versa. The Versa, reportedly short for "versatility", features a less "blocky" design with gently-rounded edges, a slightly smaller screen, lower battery life (four days versus five with the Ionic) and no Global Positioning System. Rather than playing catch up to category leaders like Apple, Fitbit intends to get ahead of the curve by marketing a tracker specifically toward kids.

Let's look at the smartwatch first: the Fitbit Versa. Jonah Becker, VP of design, told Wareable that the company sees the Ionic's angular design as the basis for a "performance" set of products while the Versa's softer, more human design is the basis for more mass-appeal products that can appeal to both women and men. For instance, the buttons on the sides and the heart rate sensor underneath. This thing is essentially a squircle with a square watch display and a super thin body.

Fitbit unveiled its second smartwatch – the Versa. That's only in the US though - all Fitbit Versa models around the world have an NFC chip for Fitbit Pay. The standard silicone bands will retail for $29.95, Horween leather bands will go for $49.95, and metal and mesh bands will be available for $79.95.

There's also space on the watch for up to 300 songs if you upload the actual files, or you can use a partnership with Deezer to put the songs onto your watch, but you'll need to be subscribed to use that. We find two buttons on the right and one on the left, followed by the Fitbit name below the screen.

The company's answer to the crisis is a wearable fitness tracker that "encourages" children eight years old and older to stay active.

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Those are all features also offered by the Apple Watch.

If you want to make payments while you're out and about you can use Fitbit Pay and connect up your bank account and card for contactless payments.

The Fitbit Versa actually marks the company's third attempt to make a fully-featured smartwatch, with the previous two releases failing to catch on to the extent that they had hoped. You can log your cycle data and record your symptoms, and even see dynamic cycle predictions based on your history. At the core of the experience is Fitbit's experience with tracking workouts and providing you that data in a clean and easily digestible way via the Fitbit app.

Fitbit has launched a fitness wristband for kids called the Fitbit Ace. It runs on Fitbit OS 2.0 that supports iPhone (4S and later) and Android (4.3 and later).

Aside from female health tracking, you can expect Versa to track all of your basic health and fitness stats such as steps, heart rate, and calories. For Android users, this UI can utilize smart replies for quickly responding to messages, and it also has a personalized dashboard and automatic workout features. Last year, Facebook introduced Messenger Kids, a standalone app for kids ages six to 12.

The new initiatives in women's health come as the company works to build the world's largest crowdsourced depository of health data by leveraging its 25.4 million active users. Sales kick off in April, and pre-orders are available now from Fitbit's own site. You can also find it at Amazon, Best Buy and Target.

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