Drake Played PS4 Game 'Fortnite' With Ninja & Smashed Twitch's Viewing Records

The Number of Superstars That Want to Play Fortnite With Ninja Keeps Growing     
          by Albert Petrosyan

The Number of Superstars That Want to Play Fortnite With Ninja Keeps Growing by Albert Petrosyan

Indeed, the rap superstars hopped on Twitch last night for some Fortnite fun alongside popular streamer Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, helping him attract a record 630,000 simultaneous viewers.

Drake (yes, that Drake), and Twitch's Ninja combined forces to take down other Duo teams on Fortnite. But the rest of you might need an explainer.

Travis Scott's request for bandages, the game's healing item, became an in-joke.

This however came to fruition on March 15, with Drake (playing on PS4) jumping on board Ninja's stream (played on PC) and chatting via Discord. Last night the game drew in some of the world's biggest stars for a game that ended up breaking records on the game streaming platform Twitch.

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Ninja himself has over 3 million followers and 160,000 paid subscribers, whilst earning an estimated income of several hundred thousand dollars a month.

Drake broke the Internet this week by hopping on a computer game with its most popular player - but the virtual appearance wasn't a planned plug. Even Roseanna Barr is apparently a fan of Fortnite, and has actually won a few games too. Instagram. On the stream last night, Drake told Ninja that he first saw highlights on Instagram, including a PUBG tournament that Ninja won previous year. That the record has nearly doubled in just a few weeks is a testament to the mainstream appeal of something like Fortnite.

Oh, yes. Drake is already the source of multiple memes, which made it extremely easy to meme the heck out of his hour streaming with Ninja.

The Canadian rapper also discussed why he thinks Fortnite is so popular; part of the appeal is developer Epic's commitment to releasing new content, Drake said.

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