President Trump Keeps up Attacks on Mueller, McCabe, Comey

The White House says president Trump has no plans to fire special counsel Robert Mueller

The White House says president Trump has no plans to fire special counsel Robert Mueller

"Why does the Mueller team have 13 hardened Democrats, some big Crooked Hillary supporters, and Zero Republicans?"

Just a few Republicans strongly warned Trump against firing Mueller - Senator Lindsey Graham of SC said it could lead to the end of Trump's presidency. Mueller is a Republican.

In an effort to tamp down the chatter, White House lawyer Ty Cobb issued a statement yesterday night saying Trump was not weighing Mueller's removal. "The Democrats are hanging onto it because they can't get over their hatred of Donald Trump".

"I don't know what the designs are on Mueller, but it seems to be building toward that (firing him), and I just hope it doesn't go there, because it can't".

"He is the best hope for giving us a product that the largest number of Americans can accept as credible", Rep. Trey Gowdy of SC, the chairman of the powerful House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, told the publication.

"So I would expect to see considerable pushback in the next couple of days urging the president not to go there". "Jeff Sessions and bring an end to the alleged Russian Federation collusion investigation manufactured by McCabe's boss, James Comey".

Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee, which spent the past year conducting a parallel investigation, recently said they had drafted a report concluding there was no collusion or coordination between Trump's presidential campaign and Russian Federation. "Another Dem recently added", Trump said.

He also fumed to one confidant after seeing a promotion for Mr Comey's forthcoming book, and believes the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director will seek to enrich himself by besmirching Mr Trump's reputation.

Speaking to CNN's Jake Tapper on "State of the Union", Graham was firm in his opposition to Trump firing Mueller while the investigation into Russia's meddling in 2016 continued.

The possibility of Trump firing Mueller was raised after his lawyer, John Dowd, said in a statement that the Justice Department should "follow the brilliant and courageous example of..."

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"I think the President's attorney frankly does him a disservice when he says that, and when he frames the investigation that way", the South Carolina Republican said on "Fox News Sunday".

Likely adding to Trump's growing frustration, The New York Times reported last week that Mueller had subpoenaed the Trump Organization and requested Russia-related documents.

"I think that people see that as a massive red line that can't be crossed", Arizona Sen.

Graham also said the Senate Judiciary Committee should conduct a public hearing on the firing of McCabe for the sake of transparency.

"I don't like the way it happened".

And on NBC's "Meet the Press", Rubio flatly dissented from Trump's undermining of the investigation.

Trump escalated his assault on Mueller over the weekend, in a way that made it look like an attempt to fire the special counsel, once thought impossible owing to its constitutional implications, is very much on his mind. Sessions said the OIG provided its report to the FBI's Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR), which came to the same conclusion and recommended McCabe's dismissal.

The president himself lashed out at Mueller on Twitter over the weekend, tweeting that "there was no collusion and there was no crime".

Cuomo concluded by making a reference to the Seth Rich conspiracy theory, before noting that while Trump has "the most access to truth", he "relies in these tweets on the musings and conspiracy theories of right wing media".

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