Student Walkouts Take Place Around the State

Student Walkouts Planned Across US to Protest Gun Violence

New York area students join nationwide walkout to protest gun violence

So on Thursday, about 100 students walked out again in a peaceful demonstration honoring the 17 students and teachers killed in last month's mass school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

Why is it important in your opinion that young people take a stand against gun violence?

More than 50 students walked out in Bellefonte, outside State College, instead of assembling at a school-sanctioned location inside.

In Washington, hundreds of high school students carrying signs gathered at the White House. At Dickinson, students locked arms with classmates and teachers to surround the building while student organizers read the names of the 17 victims of the Parkland shootings. They supported an original school-sponsored plan to walk to our football field. "LGBTQ students have been sent home for expressing their sexual orientation, and girls have been disciplined when they challenge gendered uniform policies".

Boyle said she doesn't believe there is a single answer to the problem, but that people should be talking about it.

"We needed extended time to speak for them and walk for them", said another student.

"We wanted to pray for the victims and we also, you know, the kids, some of them didn't even know what the walkout was about and didn't really want to walk out during school", she said.

"If you're like me, you're here because you're exhausted", she said.

"We're sick of it", said Maxwell Nardi, a senior at Douglas S. Freeman High School in Henrico, Virginia, just outside Richmond.

"A lot of this movement is being led by high schoolers, and I think that's really inspiring", said Elizabeth Sheffield.

Stoneman Douglas High senior David Hogg, who has emerged as one of the leading student activists, livestreamed the walkout at the tragedy-stricken school on his YouTube channel.

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Classroom instruction continued during the protests, which were supervised by administrators.

"It's probably better for us to take the consequences for something we're passionate about", said Anoushka Chander.

"It all went very well", said Superintendent John Hakonson. "Not because we're going to be another statistic about mass shooting in America, but because we are going to be the last mass shooting". If it goes longer, it would be treated differently. "That's what we're going to look at when we're monitoring this".

Stranges said he discussed the walkout with the staff at Hayes and said students shouldn't be punished for walking out of class to participate.

No students were suspended or received detention for participating, as was erroneously stated on several popular social media posts. She used this easily understood example to illustrate that this is "a reality no one can ignore" as gun control is not just political but it is a "social and life issue". I like seeing kids getting involved, especially when it's about something that impacts them.

At Golda Och Academy, a Conservative day school in West Orange, New Jersey, students organized a prayer memorial service ahead of the walkout.

On Wednesday, a month after the Florida shootings, student walkouts took place at many schools around the country, including one at Findlay High School, where about 200 students participated.

Students chose widely different ways to demonstrate at the four high schools.

Many students, though, felt that the message of the protest was lost.

Calling it a "memorable moment", Gonzalez and Perez both said they have become more politically aware in recent weeks and see themselves continuing to do what they can to get legislators to change gun laws.

Some adult community members joined in, carrying signs that read "We are listening" and "I care about your safety and will resist the NRA".

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